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Last Update: 12/Jun/2023

• moodflx wins Microsoft ‘AI for Accessibility’ Award 2020

• moodflx releases white paper with Deakin University and AIA Australia – ‘The implementation and effectiveness of moodflx’ – the AIA Trial

• moodflx secures Telstra 1800Respect as a monitoring emotional engagement in real time to support a team doing incredible work.

• moodflx welcomes Reece Group and its 2023 graduate program

• AIA Vitality Australia/NZ launch the AIA Vitality Mental Health and Wellbeing Benefit Oct 2023, moodflx is the exclusive mood navigation partner – – –

“AIA Vitality is proud to partner with moodflx, helping their members to better understand their moods and improve their health and wellbeing.”

• Deakin University and moodflx

Response to Unprecedented Lifestyle changes – COVID-19 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic Adjustment Survey
Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development
School of Psychology

Adjustment Survey

Deakin and moodflx developed an independent survey of 2000 families/parents every two weeks for up to a six monhth period. This included up to 26 surveys using 28 evidence based measures.