moodflx launches with AIA Vitality



Last Update: October 2023

At AIA Vitality, we believe that nurturing both physical and mental fitness is crucial to achieving overall wellbeing. I’m pleased to announce that AIA Vitality’s new Mental Wellbeing Benefit is live for all members in the Vitality app. Members will be able to earn up to 6,200 points each membership year by completing a range of mental wellbeing related activities and assessments.

As part of this new benefit, our Vitality members can now access a range of evidence-based assessments and activities, provided by experts, that help them understand, strengthen, and support their own mental wellbeing. Developed with the support of three expert mental wellbeing partners – Groov, moodflx, and Togetherall, the new benefit is structured around three key pillars – Learn, Act, and Chat.

The Learn pillar provides members with access to more than 600 articles, tips, exercises, and other content from our existing partner, Groov. Through the Act pillar helps members keep track of lifestyle and environmental factors that impact wellbeing by tracking their moods, through our partnership with moodflx. Members are also able to access Togetherall – a safe, online community, monitored and moderated by licensed clinicians 24/7, where people can seek and offer support anonymously to improve mental health and wellbeing. The Chat pillar will be launching in early 2024.